Komodo Island and Dropping Knickers

Having a washing machine on a sailboat is a luxury. Clothes dry on the line/railing and in Indonesia, the heat and salty breeze crisps underwear in an hour. The risk of bras flying overboard to be worn by body-conscious sea turtles is high, but the view is worth the occasional garment and peg loss. Sooty volcanoes, white beaches, mushroom islands, and water bluer than filtered #bliss replaces a Sunday Netflix binge.   While hanging a single load of washing en route to Komodo, I saw two monkeys fighting on the beach, a dragon lumbering through the mangroves, a rat-may have been a small dragon-watching the monkeys, and a pod of dolphins dancing on our bow waves.

Before even stepping on Komodo Island, I’ve dropped my nickers for its natural beauty.

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